Exclusive Wireless, Inc., began as a single location in 2006 and has grown to become the market leader in the Northwest. Our core values are to be professional and ethical, while maintaining an environment of fun and innovation within our company culture.

We are one of the largest T-Mobile National Retailers and have built our success on putting employees and customers first. T-Mobile has taken over the United States by storm, and we have stood at the forefront of bringing T-Mobile’s reputation of excellent service and competitive edge to all communities.


Martin Cooper, who is considered the ‘Father of the Cell Phone,’ is a man who prided himself on innovation and unique perception. He believed in the individual as a free entity of progress, and that interconnectivity through telephony was the future of society.

Exclusive Wireless follows in the footsteps of this philosophy and strives to innovate within its organization to maintain greater connectivity with its members. This manifests itself in the strong business culture of the company and the characteristics that embody the Exclusive Wireless identity. Our Vision is to pioneer the way employees connect, collaborate, and interact within their professional environment while expanding access to T-Mobile’s superior network across America’s neighborhoods.

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